Tuesday-Saturday (9-5)
Sunday (1-5)
Adults $10
Children (3-12) $8


Museum educators will travel to your school with hands-on educational programming designed to engage your students! Classes are one hour each.

  1. States of Matter. Examine all three states of matter with real world experiments.
  2. Chemical Changes. Hands-on classes about amazing reactions and what happens when chemicals are combined.
  3. Force, Direction & Mass. An interactive class about the basic concepts of physics. 
  4. Temperature. Examines the effects of temperature on air and in chemical reactions. 
  5. Conductors, Insulators & Circuits. Why does electricity flow through some objects and not others? Explore the properties of electricity!

All classes are aligned with Next Generation and Arkansas Science Standards. 

Select any combination of classes or schedule all five! For scheduling and price information contact Education Coordinator, Audrey Pipher at (501) 767-3461 ext. 115 or email audreyp@midamericamuseum.org.

Click here to view our 2016-2017 Education Guide and to learn more about educational field trips and on-site classroom opportunities at Mid-America Science Museum.