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Summer of Dinosaurs

Summer 2010

2010 is a Summer of Dinosaurs at Mid-America Science Museum. Headlining the season is the thrilling new exhibit Be The Dinosaur. Immerse yourself in a virtual world and experience what it was like to be a Triceratops, a Hadrosaur, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex! 

Then find yourself face to face with life-size animatronic monsters in our Dinosaurs Alive! environment. Finally, explore Cretaceous Park, our new permanent discovery site where you can dig 65,000,000 years into the past.

About "Be The Dinosaur"

What did dinosaurs eat?

Cretaceous Park donors

Special thanks to Tom and Marge Schueck and to all the other people who gave generously of their resources, time, and money.


Andy Anderson • Garland Anthony III • Lawrence and Suzanne Averill • Celia Baker • Gina Boshears • Paul Briscoe • Kim Burge-Baron • Jerry and Susie Burns • Jim and Suzi Burton • Ken and Susan Caldwell • Smokey and Kathy Campbell • Tim and Lisa Collier • Ed and Charleen Copeland • Jim and Catherine Crouch • Courtney C. and Brenda Crouch • Cecil and Mary Anne Cupp • Tom Daniel • Jim and Marlene Davis • John and Susan Elliott • Bob and Sunny Evans • Ken Ewing • Josie Fernandez • Stuart Fleischner • Dick Gladden • Steven and Misti Halter • Jim Hazlewood • Jim Hill • Brad Holmes - Elite Crete Midsouth • Katharine Hurst • Quincy B. Hurst • Ronnie Hutchinson and Dannetta Grisham - Rock Bottom Landscaping • Marvin Itzkowitz • Catherine Johnson • Ira and Stephanie Kleinman • Hal and Sue Koppel • Gary and Melissa Lax • David Longinotti • Tim and Janne Mangan • Richard and Mary Ellen Mathias • Harry Metcalf • Garry Middleton • Kathleen Moore • Charlie and Barbara Moore • Bill and Denise Morrison • Travis Morrissey • Don Munro • Bart Newman • Joe Nix • Tim Parker • Pat and Sonja (Lash) Parker • Chris Polychron • Carol Pratt • David and Maggie Proctor • Bud and Karen Reeves • Michael and Kathy Rose • Bill and Betty Ann Sample • Rick and B.J. Saunders • Bob and Jan Schillinger • Gene Shelby, M.D. • Lou and Susan Siegel • Terry Smith • Steven B. Smith • Dennis and Ruth Smith • John and Elizabeth (Farris) Sorrels • Jane Starling • Steve and Kathy Storey • Rodney and Martha Tillman • Ben VanWagner • Frank Vozel • Phillip Wagner - A & W Custom Builders • Tom Wardell • Ralph Weiser • Larry Williams • Winston and Ouida Wolfe • Shelby Woodall • Lonnie and Kelly Wright


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