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Tesla Coil

See, hear, and smell the power up close

Mid-America Science Museum is home to the most powerful conical Tesla coil on Earth (Guinness World Records).


Shows are presented regularly during open hours. They include a demonstration of the Tesla Coil and a talk on the many inventions of Nikola Tesla (Father of Electricity) and the importance of Tesla to our way of life. Tesla invented the AC electric generator, AC motor, radio, turbine and over 250 other life-changing and enriching inventions, including the Tesla Coil which can raise normal household current to millions of volts of electricity.


Our demonstration Tesla Coil produces 1,500,000 volts of electricity. The Tesla Coil is enclosed in a massive 2-1/2 ton steel Faraday cage which protects the visitor from the "lightning" (corona discharges) and from high frequency emissions which could disrupt communications in the area around the museum.

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