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LIME Program

Leaders in Museum Education

The L.I.M.E. Program is divided into 4 branches, each with a slightly different focus to meet specific requirements. Two components are woven throughout each branch.The first component is leadership. Each participant will be capable of training new participants as they enter the program. This peer-to-peer training is more efficient and effective while building leadership and confidence in each participant. L.I.M.E. participants will also be exposed to the inner workings of the museum. This component of the L.I.M.E. program allows the participants to understand how the museum operates as a non-profit organization.


Branch #1: Course at National Park Community College (NPCC)

Students enrolled at NPCC may register for the 3 credit hour L.I.M.E. course. Students will participate in this hands-on proactive class aimed at immersing students into the world of museum operations. This program is a conduit for those possibly pursuing careers in areas such as museum management, marketing, hospitality, interpretation, or education. The L.I.M.E. course is the first of its kind and it is the hope that it will be a benchmark for other colleges and museums across the country. For more information, call the Director of Informal Learning at (501) 767-3461 x 13 or email. Visit the National Park Community College website for registration information. Course ID: HPR-2103 Course name: LEADERS/MUSEUM EDUCATION Location on schedule: Health, Physical Education & Recreation

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Branch #2: I.B. Program through Hot Springs High School

Students participating in International Baccalaureate at Hot Springs High School may join the L.I.M.E. program to partially fulfill the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) requirement. Students will learn how to learn, develop communication skills, and foster an awareness and appreciation of life outside of the classroom. For more information, contact the Hot Springs High School I.B. Coordinator at (501) 624-5286 or the Director of Informal Learning at MASM (501) 767-3461 x 13 or email. For more information about the I.B. Program, visit their website.


Branch #3: Seasonal Part-time Staff Position

During the summer season, Mid-America Science Museum hires temporary part time L.I.M.E Associates. When asked to describe this position, one L.I.M.E. Associate stated “I serve visitors as the ‘middleman’, allowing them to connect in a more hands-on way with exhibits. The exhibits all promote a tangible awareness of invisible forces and perceptions, and serve as a very real jumping-off point for making connections between concepts and our everyday life. My job is to help the visitor make those connections.” The job description will be posted here when the hiring process begins - check back often!


Branch #4: Youth Development Program - coming soon

MASM in currently in the beginning stages of creating a Youth Development L.I.M.E. Program. We are investigating the feasibility and funding sources for a program that will provide positive support and unique opportunities for youth in the Hot Springs area. Suggestions, comments, potential partners and donors are welcome to contact the Director of Informal Learning at (501) 767-3461 x 13 or email.

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