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Over 100 hands-on exhibits

MASM has over 100 hands-on exhibits for visitors to see, touch and explore. New exhibits are constantly added to keep the experience fresh and exciting.


Upper Level

Earth Science

Size up to the mastodon skeleton and sauropod foot prints when you walk through the doors.

Virtual Reality Simulator Ride

Experience virtual reality technology on the simulator ride. Programs vary throughout the year. Additional fee applies – purchase tickets at Museum Store.


Explore various optical illusions that occur with mirrors. Create multiple identical images, combine two faces into one, defy gravity by walking on air, and much more.


Trap your shadow on the special phosphorescent wall in the Shadow Trapper. Discover how cameras perceive the world in the walk-in camera. Make multi-colored shadows and test your peripheral vision skills.


Middle Level

Underground Arkansas Cave

Trek through "Underground Arkansas", a gigantic indoor cave filled with awesome twists, turns, tunnels, and slides. Maneuver swinging bridges, climb rope ladders, and experience a realistic underground adventure.

Energy Island

This changing array of experiments demonstrates the various effects of energy, its characteristics and behavior. The numerous controls around the perimeter allow you to view and manipulate various experiments.

Tinkering Studio

An immersive, active, creative place where museum visitors can slow down, become deeply engaged in an open-ended experiment, and make something that represents their ideas.

Keva Planks

An open-ended building experience that fascinates everyone from pre-schoolers to master architects. Be prepared to spend the day and still want to come back for more.


Lower Level

Tesla Theater

In this amazing presentation, experience the power of "caged lightning" as you watch 1.5 million volts of electricity spark from the world's most powerful conical Tesla Coil (Guinness World Records)! This incredible show gives visitors an exciting —and safe— introduction to electricity. Also features the hair-raising experience of the Van de Graaff Generator. Visitors can take their turn interacting with the impressive electrostatic generator capable of producing electric poetentials of up to 100,000 volts! Learn more . . . 

Matter Island

Investigate the properties and states of matter by exploring water works, liquid walls, ice sculpture, mercury maze, and many other exhibits found on Matter Island.


Outdoor Space

Nature Trail

Take a short walk on this beautiful trail. Keep an eye out for birds, woodland creatures, native plants, fish and other aquatic animals in the flowing creek.

Cretaceous Park

Visit our Dinosaur Discovery Site where you can be the paleontologist. Uncover a life-size fossilized raptor skeleton and identify dinosaur trackways.


Download current exhibits overview here!


Exhibits at the Mid-America Science Museum showcase energy, matter, life and perception in ways that are entertaining as well as educational. Stimulating your senses with a simulated adventure, a dig for dinosaurs or a workout on a water pump will become memories you won't soon forget as you explore the multi-level exhibition floors where even the building itself is an exhibit. Designed by noted science center designer E. Verner Johnson, the building received an architectural award for design after it first opened in 1979.

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